FKT: Christie Lori - Cape to Cape Track (WA, Australia) - 2023-10-14

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17h 8m 31s
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I started at Leeuwin lighthouse at 4:08am with my brother Mike. Aid stops on the day were Cozy corner, Hamelin, Boranup, Contos, Redagte, Rivermouth, Ellenbrook, Gracetown, Wilyabrup, Moses, Smiths, Rabbits and the end.

It was a hotter than usual day for the cape at this time of year which made the 10-3 trickier especially behind the dunes  where the wind died down. There was a tail wind all day which was sensational. my nutrition was on point all day - having something in my hand or mouth the whole time.

I had the most incredible support crew, championed by my dad - perfect at every aid. I was on a roll all day and didn’t stop so they were really accomodating with getting my nutrition quickly and resetting for the next bit. Having the company and assistance of absolute professionals - Mike (Gollum) Lori, Erika Lori Kyle, Daniel B and Tom - I had good chats and encouragement all day and some professional advice as I’d never gone further than 60KMS before. Coach Corrie Johnstone 🇨🇦  - Endurance Coach set me up so well to achieve this special dream ❤️  I’d like to extra thank my mom Roberta.

Some of our sayings from the day:
- no free kilometres
- I love sand
- I love the grind
- shut up legs
- “it’s a double rainbow”
- I want to make it in time for dinner 
- run when you can 

The cape to cape trail itself is an absolute privilege to run. Magnificent at every turn. The sand is unrelenting, but I love sand so that was ok ;), the wildflowers were out and the surf was really good too.

I am super grateful for everyone who made it possible, especially my kids and husband ❤️