FKT: Christophe Stahl - Verdugo Mountains Traverse (CA) - 2019-03-17

Route variation
Double Traverse
Gender category
Finish date
Total time
6h 50m 36s

I followed the Strava segment which matches the unsupported female FKT from Andrea Feucht. It is pretty simple: take Chandler Motorway that starts at the corner of 10031 Olivia Terrace, Sun Valley, CA 91352, USA, then Verdugo Motorway, then Las Flores Motorway to end up at 1375 Sunshine Dr in Glendale, CA 91208, USA and go back to the start. I stayed on the fire road per Strava segment and current route record without taking any parallel single lane trail or radio station antennas road (which there are a few of on the way).  Since it is only about 24 miles, even with no access to water at all, it is very well possible to do the route unsupported. Just need to bring enough water. On the day of my run, done in day light, with a temp high of 80F and no shade, I took 3 liters with me.