FKT: Christopher Bratton - Watermelon Loop in the Sandias (NM) - 2020-06-14

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3h 55m 13s
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Sorry it took so long to submit I do not have a computer. 

I ran the watermelon loop unsupported and alone. I started about 8:30 because the parking lot does not open until 8 and I’m trying to socially distance. 

The fist section from the parking lot to the beginning of la luz went well until I passed the tram house. I had several mistakes that required me to turn around and back track a little bit. Nothing major just messing up my flow. 

The climb up La Luz was the most runnable section of the loop. There were a good number of hikers out but all were polite and allowed me to pass. I made good time up the climb until the rock slide. These were my slowest miles. After reaching the turn to head toward the tram house on the top I was feeling really good. I passed several small groups of runners that perked me up with some banter.

After the tram I tried to keep a good pace downhill heading toward the top of pino. This went well for a while. A couple of miles before pino I started to get nauseous and realized I hadn’t eaten all run. I also began to get annoyed with the scrub oak on the sides of the trail. It is overgrown and scratched up my arms and caught my shoes. At this point I did the math in my head and knew I only need to go sub 10 minutes a lie to break four so I just kept repeating that in my head and moved on to pino.

The decent was uneventful. Just kept it up wanting to see the trailhead sign for pino because I knew the last section was fast and flat. I made it back to the car feeling spent but happy with effort. Made it back home for a pizza and beer.