FKT: Christopher Ferrier, Chad Bruce - Pacific Crest Trail: Devil's Slide TH to Hwy 10 (CA) - 2020-12-05

Route variation
Standard point-to-point
Gender category
Finish date
Total time
7h 35m 25s

We carried all we needed on our backs, including fluid. There was snow and ice off and on for the first 14 miles and bluebird conditions on the lower half. We made up for slower moving on the slippery stuff up high with some focused running down into the desert. Great day!

This run meant a lot to us. We set up a a thing we called the PCT 2020 Partners Series, 5 FKT projects that represent common race distances (26.2M, 50k, 50M, 100k, and 100M) to tide us over when all our ultra races were cancelled due to COVID-19. These projects link up end to end to cover around 270 miles of the PCT from Idyllwild to Agua Dulce, about 10% of the entire trail. This run was our series  closer.

We stayed on course, and we finished in a show of athleticism and camaraderie. This was certainly the most scenic run of the series. We’d really like to do this section again.

For those thirsting for more information on this route, be sure to check out the videos, especially Chad’s documentary style production. Also, there are links in the route comments to a failed attempt we made on this route in the summer.

For those considering replicating the 2020 PCT Partners Series, these are the routes:

Pacific Crest Trail - Angeles National Forest (CA) Variant: Hwy 2 Vincent Gap to Hwy 2 Three Points [26.2M]

Pacific Crest Trail:  Devil's Slide TH to Hwy 10 (CA) [50k]

Pacific Crest Trail - Hwy 18 to Hwy 10 (CA) [50M]

Pacific Crest Trail - Angeles National Forest (CA) Variant: Hwy 2 Hwy 2 Three Points to Bouquet Canyon [100k] Note: We took a DNF on this one due to heat.

Pacific Crest Trail - Hwy 18 to Hwy 2 Vincent Gap (CA) [100M]

Chad is easy to connect with on several social media channels, and would be glad field questions and receive feedback.

Christopher is also glad to connect and communicate, and limits his social media habits to STRAVA. @ing Christopher in a comment on STRAVA is a fine way to get started.

Happy Trails, Y’All!!! ?