FKT: Christopher Luhman - Black Elk Peak (SD) - 2022-09-25

Route variation
Loop (trails 3,4,9)
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
1h 33m 3s

This run could've gone better. I completed this route alone, with no food or water. I should've stuck to my original plan and ran this the next day. Instead, I ran a trail in the Badlands and then headed to custer state park and ran this route later the same day. All things considered, it went fairly well and the view at the top was amazing. I ended up jogging portions of the uphills and was definitely hitting a wall towards the summit. With the loop, there definitely are times on the "descent" where you think you can cruise the rest of the way down and then you hit another uphill to slow you down. I'm excited to see what a fresh pair of legs can do on this route.