FKT: Christopher Luhman - Taum Sauk Mountain (MO) - 2022-10-05

Route variation
up & down from Hwy 21
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
2h 31m 10s

The last run of my two week 7 state high point trip! The weather was gorgeous, sunny and in the 70s, and I was able to relax and enjoy this trail since the previous fkt holder had basically just hiked this route. I was appreciative of this after all the harder efforts I had given in the CO and NM mountains earlier in the week. This route follows the Ozark Trail for most of the route other than the final bit to the summit and already has me planning a multi-day hike of longer portions of the trail or maybe the entire thing. This portion of the trail was fairly well maintained and I only had to jump three tree trunks that had fallen over the trail. The trail was a stark contrast of either smooth, single track or rocky, uneven terrain. Due to this contrast, I played it safe and walked many uphill sections and the extremely, rocky sections so that didn't turn an ankle. Even with this technique, I still managed to stub my toes on rocks countless times and to take a bad fall with one mile left to go on the descent and blow out the front of my left shoe. I took 2 Salomon 16 oz soft flasks and 2 apple sauce pouches. I drank about half the water and didn't eat the apple sauce. Water was non-existent at this time of the year (I passed one dry creek bed), so I was glad I had the water. I also didn't see anyone at the trailhead, on the trail or near the summit, but it was also a weekday.