FKT: Claire Bannwarth - Colorado Trail (CO) - 2023-08-05

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West to East, Collegiate East
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9d 2h 50m 0s

I just finished hiking the Colorado trail. I started on Wednesday 27th of July at 13:34pm and finished on Saturday 5th of August at 16:24. I was traveling solo, with just my 10kg backpack. I resupplied three times along the way: in molass lake, Princeton hot springs resort and copper mountain resort (spending around 222 dollars in food and having the best slices of pizza in my life in Princeton). Km splits were around 100km the first day, 85km, 85km, 85km, 75km, 80km, 85km, 85km, 80km and 15 in 2:50. Sleep times were none the first day, 1h, 1h30, 1h30, 2h, 3h, 2h, 3h and no sleep the last night. So 14h in total which is definitely not enough ^^. No particular injury except blisters and trench feet, and back pain due to the weight of the pack. I had to walked the last 12h though, I got pain in my left leg and running was too painful... I had just one pair of Topo for the whole trail, and 10 pairs of shocks that went short for the last 2 days. It was by far the most challenging adventure I took part in my life, but also one of the most beautiful and amazing.


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unbelievable effort, claire. holy bovine. my son, keegan pelton, is doing a solo, unsupported, effort from east to west (collegiate peak west route). he is a 20 year old pro mt bike racer (flow formula/fezarri bikes/lost coffee) and full time college student (mech engineering major, comp sci minor) at colorado school of mines. he is shooting for 14 days for this attempt and is currently on segment 16, averaging about 35 miles a day. he stayed at a small hotel in garfield to dry out his feet and boots last night. sounds like you can appreciate that. he was worried his blisters would get infected. i will be waiting for his finish in durango with slippers and many popsicles....

by the by, he is tagged as raffi garabedian because he is borrowing his friend's dad's garmin (raffi garabedian). go raffi!

you appear to have had an incredible preparation for the colorado trail and you seem to have been born to do this. thanks for visiting colorado and seeing so much of its beauty. 

congratulations on your success and epic effort. you go, gurl! have a great day-week-month-year-life.....


    brian pelton