FKT: Claire Marcel Gadrow - North South Trail (RI) - 2015-06-06

Route variation
Standard route
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Total time
16h 52m 0s

We were inspired by both your and Ben's run of this trail, and on Saturday, June 6th 2015, three women started the trail at 12:25 (we ran from the car parked at Buck Hill 2nd lot up to the Mass border on the Prosser trail in 31 minutes, arriving at the state line at 12:20.) We followed the trail southbound, supported by our friends Eric Winn and Annette Florciak who met us at road crossings so we could eat and fill up our water bottles. Claire and Alison got extra miles (about 2-4?) having separated from me in the night and missed a turn near 101 at the CT border. We arrived at Blue Shutters Beach in the evening to the general cheer and support of many of Claire's friends from Narragansett Running Association. Our support lead, Eric Winn, a USAFT certified track coach, verified most of our arrival and departure times from various trailheads and junctures throughout, with the exception of when Claire and Alison lost the trail. Once Claire pulled ahead (after Shady Acres) our crew south of Rice City were able to verify her arrival and departure times from junctures.

We hereby establish the fastest known time(s) for women on the North-South Trail:

Claire Marcel Gadrow: 16:52
Alison Cleary: 19:38
Judith (Anj) Shaw: 19:44

I look forward to more people, especially women, getting out there and running this beautiful and interesting trail.

Thank you,
Anj Shaw