FKT: Clare Gallagher - Green Mtn (Boulder, CO) - 2019-03-11

Route variation
Gender category
Finish date
Total time
36m 52s

Unsupported, but as part of a group run.  Clare also set the TH-to-TH FKT.  She reported:

"Lapped my watch since this was during a Rocky Mountain Runners time trial for 'hell week,' which was a 37:10 lap because I messed around on the top Boulder for a few seconds. Ascent time = 36:52. To be honest, I'm a tad confused how I ran this fast and hadn't before, as I was running on tired legs from a decent weekend and Way Too Cool was the week prior. I think the 3-mile warm up from my house really helped though. Starting Green without a warm up isn't going to produce the fastest times. Wore spikes the whole way: icy and slushy in the bottom half; smooth packed snow (amazing for downhill) in the top half. Misery loves company! Ran with Eli, Ollie, Bodhi, Raoul, and Silke at one point. Sub 35-min is possible. Let's go ladies!!!!!! "