FKT: Cliff Anderson - South Mountain Park, National - Alta Trail Loop (AZ) - 2019-11-01

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On Friday, November 1, 2019, I completed a 50 km loop in the Phoenix South Mountain Park/Preserve, solo by foot, unsupported. The run started and ended at Pima Canyon Trailhead, using, in order, the dirt road access, National, Alta, Bajada, Las Lomitas, Box Canyon, Holbert, and National trails, and ending with the same dirt road access. I did refill with spigot water and begged water. There are no natural water sources in this park. This was the first time I completed this sequence of trails in one shot, though I had hiked or biked all parts previously in separate trips. This route as a one-day run has been on my bucket list for years.

I kept my pace reasonably slow, but nonetheless started to feel bonked at about mile 18, about the same time that I ran out of water, coming down the east side of Alta. At about mile 20 I reached Summit Rd, near the San Juan and Summit Rd parking lot, and was lucky to see a cyclist at his car. I went up to him and begged for water. That lasted me the next 3 miles to the Community Center where I stopped for about 15 minutes to refill water and eat food that I carried. This run was a “zero carbon” run, in that I biked to and from the start/finish from my house.

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Changed status to self-supported because I used begged water.