FKT: Clinton Straughen - Cimmarrona - CDT- Williams Creek Loop (CO) - 2021-09-18

Route variation
Standard loop
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Total time
5h 15m 9s
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It was a chilly and dark start at 6:15 AM at the Cimarrona TH, but I wanted to beat the heat.  I chose to start here because I was camped at the Cimarrona campground and wanted to have the short road run at the end.  I ran in a clockwise direction.  I wore my headlamp the first couple miles.  I power hiked to the top of Squaw Pass and was feeling pretty good.  There were no signs at that point indicating trail names where I joined onto the CDT and I felt a little uneasy about what trail I was on, but it felt right.  I continued on making good time.  I then began the climb up to the Continental Divide on the CDT.  This was the toughest part for me.  I kept moving along though, and soon enough I crested the top.  Beautiful views and green valleys surrounded me.  I happily began the downhill portion after all that vert.  There were still no trail signs, and I missed the turn for Williams Creek off the CDT, but quickly realized it.  The trail was very overgrown and my legs took a thrashing as I plowed through the dense vegetation continuing downhill.  I encountered a few hunters on horses who were heading down the trail as well.  My time was looking good and I kept cruising down trying to go fast, but careful to avoid injury.  I got to the Williams Creek TH and knew all that was left was a short road run back to Cimarrona.  The flat gravel road seemed utterly steep on my tired legs as I inched towards the finish line.  I completed the loop in a little over 5 hrs and 15 min, and then hobbled back to my campsite.  I carried about 2 liters of water in my Hydrapak bladder and about a liter of water with Skratch in water bottles in my vest.  I ate a pack of Stinger gummies for a little energy boost on the way down.  Overall it was a great day on the trail.  Thanks Sam for submitting such a challenging and fun loop!