FKT: Connor Fredrickson - San Luis Obispo Tri-Tip Challenge (CA) - 2021-03-26

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2h 9m 22s
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Had a great time testing this route for the FKT. I’ve done all the hikes separately when I was a student at Cal Poly, but never strung them together like this. The routes got busier as the day went on but everyone was super friendly and let me pass no problem. Probably would’ve been crazier if it hadn’t been Cal Poly’s spring break.


Tips for future attempters:

  • start early! I started at 9 so I could finish when Firestone opened at 11 but it was definitely hot near the end.
  • bring more water than you think
  • shoes are tricky. The route includes everything from a few miles of pavement to scrambling over large boulders. I went with my Hoka Cliftons but definitely could’ve used more grip when descending Bishops. 

I definitely encourage others to try this route! I saw a few people also doing the tri tip challenge today on both bishops and cerro San Luis so I look forward to seeing people crush my time!