FKT: Cordis Hall - LA Freeway (CO) - 2020-08-12

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20h 36m 42s
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Plan was to go after Kyle's time with an unsupported style. Gave a hard effort at holding a minimum to Kyle's splits (generally) through Buchanan Pass. That plan completely blew up around Algonquin where I slowed down immensely and had a hard time finding water. I fell an hour back on the summit of Paiute, way too much ground to make up. Resolved to at minimum finish the line, I plugged away and desperately searched far and wide for any water source, spending 20min trying to tunnel into the talus beneath Toll as I couldn't imagine going over another peak out of water! The slopes of Pawnee provided a great stream where I could chug a few bottles which gave me a nice boost through Navajo. Darkness came just after Arikaree so caution became priority number one for the final technical bits in the darkness. A very hard line, I did not necessarily comprehend just how hard it would be on paper and from scouting.