FKT: Corin Kwasnik - Camel's Hump (VT) - 2022-05-13

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4 Humped Camel
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7h 25m 4s

I've hiked camels hump many times but I've never hiked all 4 summits trails on the same day. I haven't pushed myself this hard in awhile and I thought 25 miles was going to a pretty straight forward, but the elements got the best of me. From the 85 temps, to the post holing, and muddy trails I barely snuck in the FKT. I decided to start at the the long trail parking lot and run south to the summit. After reaching the summit, I ran down the burrows trail and tagged the parking lot. I hiked back up to the summit for the second time and I then continued down the long trail south trail and turned around at the same spot as Ben. Climbing back up the long trail was super steep. I then ran down the Monroe trail and got to the bottom of the Monroe trail at hour 5. The cramps were really setting in at mile 14 and I honestly didn't think I was going to finish this run. I was getting quite frustrated with the cramping and continued to eat whatever I had in my bag to try to get my legs back. With the extreme heat it was nice having the natural water sources on the trails allowing me to fill up with water whenever needed. I got to the top of camels for the 4th time at exactly 6 hours. With a moving time of 6:53 moving time I waisted 37 min stopping trying to get the cramps to stop. I appreciate Ben doing this run and pushing me today. The last 2 miles were really a grind and I knew at any second if I stopped running. I'd immediately cramp up again. With proper rest and normal temps (not 85 degrees) I think this run could be done is around 6 hours. I'd love to see some other runners get out there and do this run or any of the other FKT's on camels hump as this mountain is a staple for the vermont hiking community.


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Great run this weekend Corin!