FKT: Courtney Dauwalter - Collegiate Loop (CO) - 2022-08-31

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1d 16h 14m 20s

The community & the way people lift each other up is a big reason I love ultra running so much. 🙌 During my Collegiate Loop run, I had the men’s record holder on my crew and pacing me through huge sections, AND the women’s record holder surprised me out on trail to run a few miles with me, plus was at the finish line cheering! So so so cool. Thanks, @nickpedatella and @outdoorable_annie! I would loveeee to see more people take on this loop and push this time down further. Swipe through for all the splits from my run. Go get after it!!

More than splits, the play-by-play of my 40 hours went something like this:

🔹Mile 0-52: Solo miles settling into a groove & soaking up incredible views 🧘‍♀️

🔹Mile 52-95: Beautiful night with pacers, the day spent above 11,000ft turned my stomach & I started puking on all the climbs 🤢

🔹Mile 95-120: Dropped in altitude, stomach felt better, sock/shoe change 😎

🔹Mile 120-139: Got zapped by the heat, was in a mental low patch for quite awhile 🥵

🔹Mile 139-166: Closed my eyes for 5 minutes at the Mile 139 aid station & felt fully rebooted for the remaining sections 🔋 

🔹Mile 166: A group of friends & a finish line tape made of toilet paper. So happy to complete the loop! 🧻🎉