FKT: Craig Lloyd - Bryce Canyon Link-up (UT) - 2010-06-24

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8h 31m 17s

I recently ran what I have called the Bryce Canyon Link-Up. With a friend, we connected all three back country trails in Bryce Canyon and did them as a run.
We started at Rainbow Point and ran the Riggs Trail, then Under-the-Rim trail, and ended on the high side of the Fairytale Loop trail. I intended to do the lower, longer half, but my friend had a hurt knee and I was just anxious to get it over with.
I tried to do some research but couldn't find anyone else who has ever done this.

It turned out to be 37 miles in a time of 8:31:17.

It is a really soft time and could be easily beat. One of the coolest runs I've ever done though.

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