FKT: Craig Mitchley - Baker Way Extended (United Kingdom) - 2023-08-17

Route variation
Standard Point-Point
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
5h 20m 28s

Baker way extended 

Out and Back

Getting the train at just before 5am and getting into Chester just after 6:30am.

Getting off the train, heading out of the train station and getting started.

This was the first time I would be using my watch for navigation but I had my phone just in case as well and recorded my run on the phone.

I set up my navigation and off I went.

A few little navigation errors as getting used to how the watch works and double checking on my phone.

Taking the wrong turn a few times.

The dew on the floor started to soak through my trail shoes while I was getting smacked in the face by the big plants.

Enjoying the run though but feeling a little tired from exercise classes I had to teach the day before.

Reaching delamere train station I could feel my right foot was a bit awkward but I wanted to carry on.

The watch went buzzed saying you have completed the route which was great but I didn't know how to then get it back so I could do the return leg.

There was a back to start which I clicked on not realising this then set me for the fastest way back.

I soon realised as I double checked on my phone. 

Turning around to get back to where I needed to to continue back on the bakers way.

I messed about with the watch a few times after that as well.

But more confident on the way back with navigation from just having done it.

Great weather with the sun coming out and the floor drying a bit.

My right foot feeling a bit uncomfortable but not enough to stop me.

As I got back to the canal I knew I would be able to finish and I'm glad I did.

Not the time I was aiming for but completed none the less 

I done this run unsupported and carried 1.5 litres of water and half a litre of electrolytes.

This was just the right amount for the run for me as I went through all of the electrolytes and most of the water with just a little bit left for the train journey home