FKT: Crystal Gauvin - Old Furnace Trail (CT) - 2020-10-23

Route variation
one way
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Total time
23m 11s
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Walked the trail from car to one end to make sure I knew where to run. Good thing I did! I definitely got off course many times, since it isn't well marked at intersections. Seemed much easier to follow in the other direction however. Ran from the the blue blaze sign to the blue blaze sign. First half I felt like I was way behind the pace, having to walk/scramble up a steep rocky uphill, but I got in a groove and was able to power the second half pretty strong. Definitely feel like I had some left in the tank, but fun times nonetheless. Beautiful fall day. Mostly cloudy, not humid. Got pretty warm, but dressed appropriately. Drank water at car beforehand, carried nothing but my phone with me (hid keys to the car). Past some walkers and 2 bikers during the run.