FKT: Damian Krysztofiak - Główny Szlak Warmiński: Olsztyn - Parking Nad Łyną (Poland) - 2021-05-09

Route variation
Standard point-to-point
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Total time
3h 58m 1s


Today at 09.05.2021 I run FKT Główny Szlak Warmiński: Olsztyn - Parking Nad Łyną (Poland). 

I run alone without any support. I've taken with myself 1 litre of isotonic in two water bottles(each 0,5 l) and also I' ve taken four energy gels. It was absolutely enough for me. 

I wanted to break the unsupported record, so I decided to run under 4 hours(previous record 4:04:14 Tomasz SzalachnowskiMariusz Bartkowski). I did it in 3:58:01 and I am happy. That was mi first try in FKT and I wanted to challenge myself. I knew I could and after that I want more, so in thie year I will try also the same distance in category supported and I am thinking about 100 km supported. 

About the race

I began in Olsztyn and finished in Parking nad Łyną(everything according to the gpx which was the same like RED ROUTE, so it was easy to follow the good route). 

Unfortunately, when I connected to the suunto app I almost cried because watch propably cut last 1 km of route record. It stopped on 48,8 km, but I didnt realized that and I finished it according to the route marks. Of course watch was working because it was showing properly my distance and speed, so I knew I will do this. 

Sorry for my language. I tried my best to explain everything. If you will have some questions please feel free to ask it. 

PS. I don't know what to attach in gps track

Best wishes,