FKT: Dan Grip - Mohawk Trail / AT Loop (CT) - 2020-10-11

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6h 53m 45s

I started the loop from the AT parking on Lime Rock Rd and went clockwise.  I had a secondary objective of getting the Mohawk FKT (successful) which is what I started with.  Details of that section can be found in it's respective write-up.  

I could probably improve on this time if I didn't push so much on the Mohawk portion.  After getting to the AT I felt pretty toasted and took a long break at a stream crossing, drinking and eating and recovering.  Once I got moving I was pretty clunky for a while, but slowly got into a groove and picked it up at the end.

Overall, I found the course pretty challenging, but less-so then expected from reading previous reports.  While there are plenty of extreme technical sections, there are also plenty of long stretches to open up on.  The Mohawk portion, less traveled, was often buried in leaves, but the AT was in great shape.  Lots of recent fallen trees still down on the Mohawk.

For water: started with 1L, grabbed .5L from a waterfall on Bonney Brook, then took my siesta at Hatch Brook where I drank a bunch and took 1L to finish with.

It's worth noting that a section of the Mohawk that goes through private property is closed annually from 10/20 through late Nov.