FKT: Dan Grip - Nipmuck Trail (CT) - 2020-07-19

Route variation
East Branch
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
6h 33m 12s
GPS track(s)

This was done in extreme heat and could definitely be improved upon in milder conditions.

I wanted to do it southbound to get the harder part done in early morning before the heat, and have water at the end when the heat was on, but noticed that Scott says in the description that the route starts at the southern end. I feel that if anyone goes southbound, it would have to be a separate variation on the route, as it seems much easier, technically and logistically.

Water: Spent a lot of time filtering and drinking. I tanked up at mile 20 at the bridge on Oakes Rd, and carried enough to finish (barely).  All the streams after this were dry, but one could get some stagnant water below the bridge on Barlow Mill Rd if necessary. There is plenty of water before mile 20.

Parking: The northern terminus is a pretty far from any of the official parking spots on the park map, but one can park at the end of Carion Rd. (called by other names on the park map).  This is only 1.7m on service roads.

See the Strava report for more details.