FKT: Dan Grip - Wantastiquet-Monadnock Trail (NH) - 2020-05-10

Route variation
Standard route
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Total time
8h 24m 46s

This was a solo unsupported traverse of the W-M trail, eastbound. Hard to say which direction is easier. Westbound has a big net loss of elevation but you have to hike up Monadnock to begin. Also, the section from Pisgah to the western terminus is difficult and would make for a rough ending. The Monadnock ending felt proper to me, and the final climbs up Gap and M felt really good, with an adrenaline-filled second wind. The worst part of the eastbound traverse for me was the long rail bed section from Keene to Troy, which is at an imperceptibly small constant upward slope. It felt like I should have been going faster for my effort, and it seemed to never end. It left me wiped out, walking through Troy, but everything felt better when I returned to technical terrain climbing Gap.

Overall, everything was well-marked with blue diamonds at junctions. The only areas I was unsure of was in the Horatio Colony Preserve, where it follows different colored blazes, and going through the center of Keene. Stayed on course with some excellent maps, which I loaded onto my phone, found here: