FKT: Dan Rosenthal - Blackwoods Loop, Acadia National Park (ME) - 2017-07-25

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2h 58m 0s

I started from the campground and ran up Gorham Mtn, the Beehive, the Bowl, Champlain Mtn, Dorr Mtn, and Cadillac Mtn. with a return with the tremendous views on the Cadillac South Ridge trail.  I'm sure someone could do this faster but I'm putting it out there to generate interest the route or a modified version of the route.

According to my gps the distance was 12.2 miles and ascent estimated at 3,343ft.  I completed the loop in 2:58.  I'm sure someone could do this faster.  

I was able to start and finish just as the bus shuttle system was beginning to wake up.  I created a separate thread so as not to detract from Phil's great idea of a traverse.  This loop could be a great option for someone looking for something more epic than a single mountain but without the time or patience to deal with a shuttle system to get back to the starting point.  The convenience of being able to start and finish the loop all from the comfort of your campground also makes it attractive.