FKT: Dan Rosenthal - Taconic Crest Trail (NY) - 2018-05-11

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7h 1m 0s

Near perfect weather conditions. Muddy trail in places and a few downed trees & some brush to content with. I had to hustle after Petersburg Pass. Managed to lower the time by around 3 minutes. I cached food and water for myself at Madden Rd & Petersburg Pass. Sore legs!


I'm sure someone could go well under sub 7 hours on this.  This is a great route but a very dry ridge line with very little water for the entire route.  If you attempt it be sure to plan carefully for your hydration needs.  I'm grateful to be able to do runs like this at 45 years old with congenital heart valve issues.

I'm curious what the marking is like on the Taconic Crest? The South Taconic "blazing" (with those white plastic circles) is excellent, anyone able to make a comparison? Or even a comparison to the terrain on the South Taconic? Thanks!