FKT: Dan Staats - Wapack Trail (NH) - 2023-04-19

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6h 27m 23s

I left the bike at the northern end of the Wapack trail and drove to the southern end. Started the run just after 7am. The top of Watatic is a little bit of a maze, I had to backtrack a few times to find the trail. Other than that, it was a great time of year to do it. A little mud but nothing like the mud I've seen on this trail before. Only wildlife I saw was a pileated woodpecker and the call of a barred owl early. 

Had about a 5-8 minute transition after finishing the run. This bike route was pretty straightforward, with about a mile of dirt road and the rest asphalt (although the shoulder was atrocious for a lot of it). A few steep uphill sections but nothing too serious.

I brought 1300 calories and a liter of water with me, and left an extra liter of water with the bike. This seemed plenty for this time of year, but I would've needed at least double the water for a mid summer try, I don't envy Scott for doing this thing in July. 

All around fun day out and about... next time don't forget to bring cash for the day pass in Miller State Park (or just pay ahead of time).