FKT: Daniel Briggs - Virginia Capital Trail (VA) - 2020-05-09

Route variation
one way
Gender category
Finish date
Total time
7h 17m 29s

Started at 5:08AM and finished at 12:30PM (screenshot with time filter attached) for a max possible finish time of 7 hours 22 minutes 59 seconds. My GPS watch died at 35.87 miles (i charged it all night beforehand but it is an older model so I guess it doesn't have a great battery life) but my friend who was biking alongside me the entire way has the full biking activity on his strava (although he started a few minutes later than me so time is a few minutes off). I used snapchat's timestamp feature to capture the time I took the photo at the end with and attached a photo of me holding up my phone clock just to verify the start / end times accurately. I understand there might be some skepticism about the accuracy of this since the GPS died, but the average pace for the part before my GPS dying was 8.23 minutes / mile (295.616 minutes / 35.87 miles) or roughly 8:14 pace which means the last 16.13 miles were covered in 2 hours 27 minutes 22 seconds for a pace of 9.13 minutes / mile (147.367 minutes / 16.13 miles) or 9:08 pace. I feel like this is perfectly reasonable and believable considering a lot of people slow down in the last stages of ultra marathons. My friend also took videos of me along the way so I included those as well for proof.


[Admin Note: Dan's run originally included the spur north of mile marker 51.2. I took him 5:30 to run that section. His original time of 7:22:59 has been cut to 7:17:29.]