FKT: Daniel Dixon - Duncan Ridge Trail (GA) - 2024-02-17

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7h 4m 6s
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I was dropped off at the end of Slaughter Creek Rd, hiked up the Slaughter Creek trail and the AT to the start of the DRT at its eastern terminus. I chose to do the run supported on Feb 17 2024 and began at 8:31 a.m. (31 degrees and about a 12 mph wind). I met my crew at the first road crossing (Wolfpen Gap) 24 minutes later, to swap water bottles. I continued over Coosa and grabbed the bottle and gel they left for me at Whiteoak stomp. The run was going well at that point, the only place that was a little tricky was around buckeye knob (lots of ice from rain the night before that had frozen). The next stop was Mulky Gap where they were waiting with more bottles to swap out, gels and a mini payday bar. After that they drove my buddy Daniel Cates to skeenah gap where he hiked up to the intersection of the BMT to run with me the final half. On the way up Rhodes Mtn to meet him my legs started to cramp and I realized I hadn’t taken my salt tabs, but my hands were numb and couldn’t open the bag they were in, so I push on up the hill to get to him. After he gave me more water and helped me get the salt tabs, we headed for the Hwy 60 crossing. I got pretty dizzy in this section, but we finally made it down to the road, where my wife Christy and good friend Angie had some caffeine and a Big Sur bar to boost my energy back up. I changed out of my wet shirt and gloves, and left the jacket. After swapping water bottles again we headed over Tooni Mtn and dropped down to the Toccoa swinging bridge where they gave me some instant mash potatoes, more water, and sent us on our way for the final section. My down hill running was still intact by the up hills turned into a lot of power hiking until we made it to the finish at the Long Creek Falls intersection, the western terminus of the DRT. I finished the Duncan Rdge trail on the rerouted sections in a time of 7:04:06.