FKT: Daniel Gottschalk - Meadow Mountain Trail - 2023-07-02

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2h 22m 26s
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Sunday afternoon FKT attempt - July 2, 2023

I did the Meadow Mountain trail north to south after noticing there was no FKT yet. I ran at a relaxed pace (generally walking the longer uphills) and this is a time many runners could easily better.

I began at the north end. There is a section of Ellis Dr where a vehicle could turn around and drop off a runner, or a parking area 1/4 mile farther on the trail and you could walk back to the first trail sign. I started my watch at the sign (see photo) where the pavement changes to gravel. I wasn't sure if this is the correct starting point but whatever.

The entire trail is crushed rock double track. 95% shaded in summer. You could maybe run this in road shoes if it hasn't rained much lately,  but I did it in my Saucony Peregrine 12s.

The trail is very simple to follow, but there were two sections where you have to follow a road to connect to the next section. First, around mile 3, turn left (i.e. head south) on New Germany Rd for about 30 yards then you'll see the trail on the right. Second, a little after mile 6, turn left (south) on West Shale Rd until you get to the stop sign, Otto Lane, turn right and then you can see the trail on the left.

One last road to cross, Frank Brenneman Rd, around mile 10.8 (almost there!) and just head straight past the Meadow Mtn Overlook sign. I guess it used to be a fire tower but now it's basically a wooden platform with a nice view. I stopped my watch on top. 15 minute walk back to where I parked on Frank Brenneman and that's that. 

This would be a great trail to transition to from road running of you've never done trails, pretty simple, and an easy FKT time to beat.