FKT: Daniel Rau - Greenbrier River Trail (WV) - 2020-06-27

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12h 31m 57s

I was able to do it Saturday June 27th 2020. The attempt was supported. 

There is no officially established FKT. Based on my email correspondence with Adam Hill he wrote- "Thanks for tracking us down!  I can look back, but I don't even remember the exact time that it took for me to complete the trail.  I don't think it will require much for anyone to take several hours off of my time (which might have been in the 14.5 hour range), and I was the only one out of our small crew to complete the whole thing when we tackled it." Based on this article,, this run would be prior to June 2009.

I ended with a total time of 12:31:51. The GPS watch recorded 79.66 miles likely due to GPS variation and additional mileage going to the car for stops and down to the river to filter Water and cool off. There are two tunnels on the trail where GPS connection was lost but regained quickly after exiting the tunnel. The trail is marked with mileage markers every mile. 

I went North to South from Cass (Mile Marker 80) to Caldwell (Mile Marker 3). I started at 3:15am. The trail is quite remote and those first 2 hours in the dark, alone, were absolutely frightening. My friend supporting me then met me 24 miles in at Marlington where I had some sports drink/water/coffee/snacks. From Marlington I headed another 17.5 miles to Beard where my support met me again. Again I had sports drink/water/snacks. Except for an encounter with a bear on the trail at mile ~40, those miles from Marlington to Beard were uneventful. 

From there we loaded up our packs heavy and she then joined me to run the last 37 miles with me. 

I felt really really good through about 61 miles and then the sun came up high and it got HOT. At miles 61 I was out of water (I was carrying 2 liters throughout the run, refilling at checkpoint) and showing signs of dehydration. This was my first "long" break where I went down to the river and soaked in it to lower my body temp. I filtered and drank a few liters of water, refilling my pack too. 

From there we moved again well to mile 71.5 where I again stopped to filter water from a stream next to the trail and lower my body temperature. 

Making the final push we ran through to the end of the trail. The temperature at the time of finish was mid 80s. 

I have some video clips from the day I will eventually edit into a video if further verification is required.