FKT: Danny Fisher - Springwater Corridor (OR) - 2023-12-29

Route variation
one way
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Total time
2h 37m 41s
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I needed a long run with some intensity and noticed a lack of an existing time for this route, so figured I'd give it a decent push and see what I could do.  Parked my car in Boring and started running at 8:31am.  While not a race effort, I was trying decently hard to stick to 7-minute miles.  The route is pretty straightforward, though I did have some route-finding issues near the giant Goodwill when the trail gives way to a suburban neighborhood for a half mile.  Other than that and a few minutes spent standing at stoplights, I moved pretty consistently.  Running at a lower-traffic part of the day could certainly have shaved a couple of minutes off, but the time is entirely beatable even with bad crosswalk luck assuming a decently fit athlete was well-motivated to spend 2+ hours running on a boring paved footpath.  I went out a little harder than what I was willing to sustain on a training run and faded a bit in the final few miles, but still got it done with a respectable pace average (around 7:20).  I finished the run in downtown Portland and had my friend Hakon pick me up and drive me back to my car.  

It seems like an effort reasonably could be started in two different locations.  The natural eastern terminus of the route seems to very naturally exist at the Boring Station Trailhead Park, as it is a significant marker in the town and acts as the terminus for multiple paved paths.  That said, Google Maps seems to indicate that the "Springwater Corridor Trail" extends maybe a hundred meters further, starting/ending at the intersection with Highway 212 (right next to the "Welcome to Boring" sign that I can be seen standing next to).  There are a couple of rocks here sitting on either side of the path that make a great start/finish line, and I decided to start my run at this location to truly cover the entirety of the trail.  It is my opinion that future FKTs on the route should use the same eastern terminus (boy I've written that word a lot today), though I truly do not have a great number of shits to give if someone beats my time using the trailhead as their start line.  This is up to the admins to litigate.