FKT: Danny Naylor - Alpine Lakes Loop (WA) - 2015-06-10

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Standard route
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Total time
3h 13m 50s
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My time was set clockwise. I expect counterclockwise to generally yield faster times with a longer and less technical main descent. I also expect plenty of faster Seattle-area athletes may have completed this route faster in the past (not on Strava or publicly posted, to my knowledge) and anticipate significant improvement on my time in both directions.

0:00:00 start at Pratt Lake/Granite Mountain trailhead
0:54:24 to ridge above Pratt Lake (approximate from gpx; didn't take split)
1:55:42 to Melakwa Lake (including short side trip to actual lake, ~3 minute total detour round trip)
2:01:43 to Hemlock Pass
2:46:25 to Denny Creek trailhead (FKT trailhead-to-trailhead to the best of my knowledge)
3:13:50 to finish at Pratt Lake/Granite Mountain trailhead