FKT: Danny Naylor - Alpine Lakes Loop (WA) - 2020-07-10

Route variation
Standard route
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Start date
Finish date
Total time
2h 46m 30s

Counterclockwise starting and finishing at the yellow gate across the bridge before the old Denny Creek trailhead.

This is still a soft FKT, by competitive/elite standards (and I acknowledge that the previous FKT I barely beat was an absolute jog for Uli, including some stops), and I fully expect that there are plenty of men and women who can dramatically drop the time if they go for it. I wouldn't be at all surprised with a sub-2:20 from some speedy folks, and hopefully that'll happen soon.

Nevertheless, I ran super consistently, PR'ed about every section, and felt really good from start to finish, running pretty much to my absolute potential and exceeding my expectations. I'm super thrilled with the result!

1:34 to old trailhead.
12:42 to Denny Creek.
53:03 to Hemlock Pass (51:28 trailhead to pass).
56:58 to Melakwa Junction.
1:20:04 to Lower Tuscohatchie outlet.
1:26:44 to Pratt Lake.
1:50:53 to Pratt Ridge, specifically at trail junction.
2:22:40 to Pratt/Granite trailhead (31:46 for descent).
**2:21:05 total trailhead to trailhead**
2:46:30 back to yellow gate/bridge (25:25 sum total of first and last splits connecting trailheads).

Run on stolen sdukʷalbixʷ (Snoqualmie), Tulalip, Duwamish, and Coast Salish land.