FKT: Darrel Dorsey - Seneca Creek Greenway Trail (MD) - 2019-11-10

Route Variation
one way
Finish Date
Time (duration)
5h 29m 27s

I started in Damascus and ran South-West, which is a net downhill. I parked and started at Damascus High School, which is a little extra distance, but the trail terminates in a random neighborhood with only reserved parking. Parking was much more ample at a high school...on a 5am with some light snow flurries in the air. I started in the dark and the weather was cold, but good for running. Because of this, my 2L bladder was plenty for the duration an I ate mostly gels and one sports bar for the route. I ran fairly easily throughout, but was still feeling it toward the end. I may run this again some point to lower the standard, but I would love to see others attempt it as well.

The run made me remember and appreciate how amazing the Montgomery County trail systems are. I was running through one of the most populous counties in the nation (I think that's true), but would never know it. The trail starts on pavement for a short period, but quickly terms to some great single track running. It feels like you're in the middle of the wilderness following a creek as it rambles along, but you're not actually that far from civilization.

The GPX track for the route, which I found on is good, but not perfect. Luckily there are blue blazes the entire way, just follow them. Some parts are better kept and marked than others and some road crossings are confusing to find the trail on the other side, but overall it's not hard to follow.