FKT: Dave Kwiatkowski - Lake Washington Loop (WA) - 2021-09-12

Route variation
Standard loop
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
6h 40m 55s

I ran alone along the Standard variation Lake Washington Loop without any support and only used what I carried from the start (noted below). I did not use any form of resupply and I drank water solely from my bottles that I carried from the start.

I decided to start at UW stadium since it's close to me and has the added bonus of a convenient ride home after via the Link.

Darryl the Lyft driver drove me to the UW stadium after discussing this run, his favorite places around lake Washington and some running stories. Just as he dropped me off, he reminded me of his solid running advice "Run lightly [as to not injure the knees]."

I decided the UW sign was the perfect place for me start, because it looks cool and has fancy lights on it.

With 2 vest flasks and 2 handhelds filled with 8 gels in their pockets (all with some Tailwind), I headed south at 5:13 am towards one of Darryl's favorite places along the lake, Seward Park. I used my phone light that I strategically tucked into the front pocket of my vest to light the unseen. It rained for most of the run.

The run was a blast until the never-ending hills north of Juanita (remembering to be light on the feet) and leg spasms in my calves that dictated the pace for the last 8 miles.

After recovering from some stand-still cramps in the middle of the last mile, I reunited with the UW sign, stopped my watch, and some kind ladies took a picture of me in front of it ?.