FKT: Dave Phillips - Pembrokeshire Coast Path (UK) - 2020-07-24

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Admin Note:  Dave's run should not be considered the FKT because he made several route errors.  While the total distance covered off-route was small relative to the total route, part of doing an FKT is knowledge of, and sticking to, the official route.  We are leaving his FKT page up because it represents a significant effort.  Hopefully the next person can learn from the route finding mistakes.

"Myself and Mark Darbyshire attempted the fkt starting at 4.15am. Mark had to drop around 100miles but amazingly returned to run much of the end section with me. We navigated by following the signs (acorns). My watch recorded much of the route until it ran out of batteries. We had a tracker each that provided various spot locations. We were amazingly crewed by Steven Platts. I did not run alone after my watch ran out of batteries. Witnesses: Mark Darbyshire, Steven Platts, Sharlene Phillips. As always we started too fast and held on! Amazing route, scenery and people. A little bit of getting lost, a lot of blisters and a lot of fun."


Dave has a habit of dubious FKT's look closely at his pedders way big gaps with no pace data or running as fast as 1 minute mileing for 30 minutes

Where are you seeing this data? On his Peddars Way & Norfolk Coast Path garmin data there is no such thing as what you’re describing, I’m confused 

Hello WTS, I can't see any evidence to disqualify Dave's run. People choose different styles for very long runs and different tactics for resting.

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What The Shit. Who are you? You must be very bored 

The GPX file, provided as evidence, ends near Broadhaven. The official end of the Pembs coastal path is in Amroth, some 30 or so miles away.

As it says in the FKT report, we have flagged Dave's run because of the route errors.  Dave also clearly states that his GPS watch ran out of batteries, hence the truncated GPX.  His total time was verified by the SPOT tracker, though unfortunately that data is no longer available (SPOT wipes it after some time).  Our position is that this is a significant effort on the route which people should know about, but it does not qualify as an FKT because of the route errors.  I believe this is clearly indicated in the report above.