FKT: Dave Stevens - Canmore Quad (AB, Canada) - 2020-07-04

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7h 49m 45s
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Tried to do same style as Ryan with just 2 bottles of water dropped at Eeor and bottom of Grotto. No poles or communication with people trying the same day at different times. Did it the classic way with Grotto first, Lady Mac, Eeor, and then Ha Ling. Ha ling almost had to call it as 70kmh wind with ice pellets hit and was in a T shirt. Decided to do the whole alpine section up and down in it and still can't feel my fingers 5 days later. There was some sit down time in storm and by car halfway, also near the end to try get a gel open. Hard day to do it with a bottle neck of people the whole way on Ha Ling and savage storm, but still a really exciting day. Great challenge.