FKT: David Ayala - Teton Center Punch Traverse (WY) - 2022-08-10

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1d 0h 17m 47s
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This route is extraordinary.

It’s essentially characterized by tracing the interface between the Snake and Teton river basins, while never crossing a road.  My unsupported solo Southbound travel along this route blended a diversity of natural movement-types, each cuing a distinct mode of inspection of landscape (eg, topography, geology, plant and animal ecology, meteorology, physiology, cognition), as well as a healthy degree of endurance.


The route presents innumerable exposed climbing sections, which deserve deliberate exact movement and attention to stability of rock.

  • I scouted most of these sections earlier this season. 

The route also presents innumerable opportunities for playful graceful movement, as well as bits of exploration.  

  • The environment was continually `popping’ for me:
    • fauna eyes, predator prints;
    • mica rich granite;
    • pika chirps;
    • geraniums & paintbrush;
    • sharp Paleozoic limestone;
    • shivering tanning green grasses;
    • terminal little lakes encased by a veneer of top-soil atop old-but-not-ancient moraine;
    • arresting information-rich skylines;
    • precambrian pink swirls with black flakes;
    • permanent clinging snow fields feeding turquoise lakes;
    • clock-like Easterly then Westerly wind;
    • moon rising, obscuring, glowing, and falling behind smoke-oranged horizon;
    • sparse massive rain-drops;
    • vertical Earth.

Given all this, a preoccupation with time strikes me, especially for this route, as dangerous and as missed opportunity.  I moved efficiently while safely and playfully, indulging in exploring slightly more aggressive lines and saturating my vision with wildflowers.  Once at Table Mountain, I started making decisions based on time.  


A wise traveler of this route intending to set an FKT would 

  • consider scouting the technical sections and/or working with somebody familiar with them, 
  • research and identify where water can be collected, 
  • carry at least 2 liters of water capacity.


The fall-out of repeated long periods of rationing water fumbled my flow of running (constipation > build-up of gas > stabbing tummy pains > repeated squats over cat-holes), and I watched the 24-hour time-frame eclipse me.  I’d be happy to work with somebody considering traveling this route without sacrificing safety or play, to complete it in under 24 hours.