FKT: David Bone, Gaby Ellis - Green Trail (Richmond) (United Kingdom) - 2020-11-11

Route variation
Standard point-to-point
Gender category
Mixed-gender team
Start date
Finish date
Total time
3h 9m 14s
GPS track(s)

Amazing route from Hampton 

Before you know it you are in beautiful Bushey Park and surrounded by hundreds of deer and fighting stags. The surroundings here and Hampton Court are just spectacular- like being in a period running drama.

Next onto stunning Richmond. I've been here so many times but this route seemed different. A slight issue with the gate you need to come out of and the quick tight turn you need to take behind the wall.

This route isn't signed at all. It's such a beautiful route that I think we need to petition to get proper Green Trail signs established.  You really need the gpx for this route. Especially towards the end it was just tiny leafy lanes and we were just hopping to keep closer to the track.

Finished at Hammersmith Bridge - which is shut - so be careful as like us it might a long a difficult journey home.