FKT: David Bone - London Bridges 50k (United Kingdom) - 2022-04-08

Route variation
Open course
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Total time
4h 44m 31s
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Had eyed this one for a while and decided that now was the time to give a go. Day was cold but with the prospect of some sun.

I knew much of the thames route but even so the idea of crossing each bridge does throw you off in terms of which side you are on. There are a couple of sections where you have to head away from the river and go through urban areas - which weren't fun. Plus there were several bridges with work being done of them - so you always needed to be prepared to do a longer route.

With just one bridge left (Tower) and on for an approx 4:15 finish I found police tape everywhere and an apparent protest taking place. A policeman informed me that he had no idea how long it would take to get the bridge reopened and so I stood there and waited. Thankfully the disruption meant just a 30 minute delay and I was able to run down the empty Tower Bridge and finish the route.