FKT: David Haunschmidt - Tongariro Alpine Crossing - 2020-12-28

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1h 38m 7s
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Drove down for a few hours from the Bay of Plenty, decided to run this in the afternoon before arriving at our accommodation for the evening. Most people set off in the early morning, so I had the first half of the track mostly to myself. Great clear day for it. Stunning views. Lovely running. I had not rested at all, had sore legs from a mountain race a few days before and a hard cycle ride the day before. Felt the strain in my legs on the uphills. The downhills were a delight. A bit of people-dodging in the last 5k, saying 'hello' to everyone as I passed and having a few chats. Sat in the hot pool in the accommodation that evening and reflected on how fantastic that run is! Ulpoaded my run to strava and was surprised to have the crowns. Would like to come back again and go even faster.
I ran with a hydration pack with 1 L of water, thermals, jacket, first aid kit, emergency locator beacon.

My Strava report from the time: "Beautiful day. Had the top/lakes/red crater all to myself 😄     Pretty Knackered legs still - Had to walk some of the uphills. Surprised to get the crowns 🥳