FKT: David Hedges - Camel's Hump (VT) - 2021-08-15

Route variation
Bamforth Ridge / Long Trail up & down
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Start date
Finish date
Total time
2h 14m 53s

Very nice day, not even that humid and about 70f. Waited till just before 5pm to go, after most of the Sunday traffic had cleared out while also clearing the spider webs. Legs were pretty fatigued going in, but knew conditions were not going to be better and I have some other efforts planned in the coming week. Super fun, so good to get to know a route over the course of a summer and then send it best one can at the end. The Strava segment leaderboard for most of the route didn't or hasn't loaded. Guess I was just too speedy or more likely there was a slight anomaly, but I bettered the Strava Up-down Bamforth Ridge record by 12min. 1:21 up, 0:54 down. I  look forward to seeing how much faster this can go.