FKT: David Hedges - Peaks of Otter (VA) - 2021-04-24

Route variation
3 peaks, open course, TH-TH
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
2h 20m 18s

Raining, thick fog, and cold especially when soaked. Nobody else on the trail. Was going swimmingly until I got to the lodge and then over to the campground. Did a few climbs out of and around the lake because I couldn't find the Flat Top trail head. Finally realized that it was down all the way at the bottom of the campground area past the big spring. This meandering added two full miles and several hundred feet of climbing, nearly 20min. Big time darn, but thats what i get for being a visitor and not doing enough research/planning. Ran fast on all the climbs and descents which were very fun and still went under the current fkt. But I should have done it in 2hrs. I bet a speadster in good conditions could do 1:50 give or take 5 min.