FKT: David Lee - Mt Baldy (CA) - 2020-07-12

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2h 37m 28s

Started GPS tracking before the gate at the sign at 6:51 AM.  Trying out new shoes this morning, Salomon Sense Ride 3!  Got my poles and 2, 500ml water with Maurtens in them.  Lots of people today, as it s a beautiful day to be here.  Reached the summit in 1:40 at 8:32 AM, not my best but need to save some for running down!  Ran into lots of hikers on the way down, had to slow down to walk past them and say "hello", all of them were so nice!  Back down to the sign in 2:37:28 and done!


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Alright all you LA local elites!!! You and I know this is NOT the fastest time, but I hope my mediocre time published as FKT will trigger you to take it!  Go get it!

I don't know if it's an elite time but after over 2 decades of running these trails, I finally did this exact route - hard and non stop (I usually hang at the top, cruise the descent, go down North BackBone, etc...) Anyway, kudos to you.  JC