FKT: David Poole - Shipwrights Way (United Kingdom) - 2020-08-29

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7h 53m 24s
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The route goes from Alice Holt following the route that timber would have taken from the woods to build ships at the Portsmouth Historic Dockyard... the running route avoids the boat crossing at Hayling Island and goes off round Farlington Marshes.... it’s 50 miles.... there’s loads of stone statutes on the route too, I managed to photograph most of them!

The first 12km are lovely, nice trails, rolling hills, and very picturesque.... after that, I have to say, there seemed a lot of tarmac, albeit picturesque, and after Queen Elizabeth Country Park the route is pancake flat!

I started well, steady pace, fuelled well.... and for the 1st 40 miles everything was hunky dorey.... then I bonked.... big style!!! But, kept moving, walked a bit, and ran a bit.... ate some @clifbar and banged a few @guenergylabs gels and managed to plod on.... flat really is hard!

Used the tap at QECP to refill and found a water source later on in Portsmouth.

Family met me at the end.... it was a good day!!!