FKT: David S Johnson - North Fork Trail (CO) - 2020-05-03

Gender category
Route variation
out & back
Finish date
Total time
2h 25m 3s
GPS track(s)

What a great piece of singletrack! My 3 yr old Viszla Melvin and I had a blast on this trail! Only encounters were with deer for the first 5 miles, then just one other trail runner flyby around mile 6 on the way up. The way down was quite a bit busier, lots of mountain bikers on the trail and many of them very inconsiderate. One actually forced me off the trail and caused me to slip down loose rock which cut up my right hand and left knee pretty good with about 4 miles left to go. I also thought the elevation profile I found was from where I started but turns out it was opposite so I was a bit surprised when what I thought was the 600 feet of climbing kept going for almost 2000 on the way up! I think next time knowing that I will probably push a bit less on the out and save my legs for a fast smooth descent home. Such a blast out there with my pup today!!