FKT: David Wakefield - Kokopelli Trail (CO, UT) - 2011-05-28

Route variation
one way
Gender category
Finish date
Total time
1d 11h 56m 19s

David Wakefield went after the FKT May 27-28, 2011. He completed the full route but didn't match the record, running 35h56m19s (supported).



David has a detailed trip report on his blog: [broken]

He also provided the following splits from his run:
Loma Trailhead - 5:00 PM
Rabbit Valley - 8:32 PM
Bitter Creek Overlook - 11:02 PM
Pavement at Westwater Rd. - 12:11 AM
Cisco Landing - 3:08 AM
McGraw Bottom - 5:32 AM
Dewey Bridge - 7:46 AM
Fischer Valley - 11:32 AM
Bull Draw - 7:38 PM (Had a major meltdown between Fischer Valley and here. Lost a good hour.)
Castle Valley - 8:51 PM
Top of La Sal Mountain Loop Rd. - 11:53 PM
Slick Rock Trailhead - 4:56 AM
35:56:19 Total