FKT: Deb Cawthorn - The Priest & Three Ridges (VA) - 2021-11-28

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I set out to run THREE loops of Priest & 3 Ridges @ 0300 on 11/27/21.  I was hoping for sub 24 hours, but 27+ hrs will have to do…especially considering the brutal gale force winds, heavily leaf covered trails, and icy rock scrambles. This was a supported attempt with the help of two pacers on loop 1, part of loop 2, and all of loop 3.  My car was parked at the trailhead lot and used as my Aid Station between loops.  The three loops consisted of aprox 69 miles and nearly 24,000 feet of vert.   Needless to say… I’m sore!   I accidentally forgot to start my watch at the car / trailhead, so there is about a1/4 mile or so missing.  If this is disqualifies the FKT, I’ll be so bummed (because I’m not running 3 loops again lol ) 

[Editor Note: We added 15 minutes to Deb’s time to account for this late start.]

my first loop was in 7:22 min.  I averaged a 20:30 min mile .  Loop 2 I averaged a 21:30 min mile, and loop 3 just took FOREVER (think I was at 23:30).  

All and all it was a spectacular course with beautiful sunrises / sunsets - but 3 loops is A LOT of vert!  


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Bravo Deb! That is a stout 100k++ in tough conditions using the Mauhar trail (many runners run the double and triple P/3R without the rocky, slow and BEAUTIFUL Mauhar section). Now you have set the standard for others to follow! Great work!! 

You are AWESOME! Nice work, Deb!!