FKT: Debbie Livingston - Finch Brook Trail (CT) - 2020-12-26

Route variation
two loops
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
46m 16s
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Took another trip out to Finch Brook Trail this past weekend. When I ran this trail a month and a half ago I did not realize there was a double loop FKT so I went back with my husband this time who also wanted to give it a go. It is a huge bonus that the trail head is less than 5 miles from my parents house! Scott is much faster than me on the short stuff so we started at the same time but he took off ahead of me and I only saw him when he got a bit turned around and went off course slightly in the first loop. The footing was actually much better than when I was here 1.5 months ago as the leaves were matted down now and not as slippery. I did roll my ankle really bad on the second loop but ran it off. I am lucky to have gumbie ankles! Bonus for me was that I negative spilt the loops.