FKT: Debbie Livingston, Laura Becker - Nayantaquit Trail (CT) - 2021-07-03

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34m 55s
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Laura and I met up at the Nayantaquit Trail on a cool, rainy July afternoon. The weather was great for running and keeping the bugs away but a bit slippery on the roots and rocks. We took one loop as a recon run and the second for our FKT pushing the pace but not overdoing it. The trail has many crossing paths so you need to pay attention. Somehow there is a plastic port-o-potty in the middle of the woods. Not sure if it ever gets cleaned (or how they would do that) but didn’t test it to find out. It was a super fun trail with lots of up and down, rocks to navigate and logs to leap over. One section even had some very new and nice bog bridges.