FKT: Debbie Livingston - Mount Ascutney (VT) - 2022-08-27

Route variation
Weathersfield - Futures out & back
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Total time
3h 51m 18s
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The Weathersfield -Futures out and back was gnarlier than I thought it would be. With over 5,000 ft of elevation gain and over 5,000 ft of decent it's a heart pumping course, but the real challenge is the footing. Lots of rocks and roots as well as some slightly over-grown trail and slick moss on the wet rocks makes for quite an adventure. I slipped out on my way down the Futures Trail on a slightly off camber rock. Smacked my right knee pretty hard but shook it off and kept going. Had a couple other near misses but the more frustrating part was taking the wrong trail off the top where they parallel for a bit and the markings are poor. Luckily, I did not go down too far but had to back track and wondered if I totally messed up my chance at the FKT. I focused on pushing where I could but being much more conscious of staying on course. Lots of hikers on the Weathersfield Trail. I started at 10:30am on a Saturday after seeing my son head out on the Overland Gravel ride at Ascutney. I would recommend a weekday so you don't have to say, "excuse me" so many times! I used a 1 L bladder and ran out of water with about a mile to go. Could have gone with a few more ounces, but I was safe enough and it was almost all downhill from there.